Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Magical Leprechaun

This tutorial was written in PSP 9 and can be used with any other version.
I assume that you have a working knowledge of PSP.
Click on tag for full size
Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice/close up
PTU Scrap kit by Designs by Sarah
"Lucky The Leprechaun" CLICK HERE
Fonts of your choice

Plugins Optional:
Xero - Radiance

*Quck easy tutorial*

Let's open the scrap pieces, i used the green box, orange flower, four leaf clover charm on the ribbon, grass, pot of gold, banner, the leprechaun, muchrooms, yellow swirly ribbon, horse shoe, clouds, beer, rainbow and the shamrock circle thing.
Now i opened all of these up i resized them down to where i wanted, I selected the box and i went to image>canvas size 600x600 i used my selection tool set on rectangle. made a rectangle out along the inside of the box, i then copied and pasted the clouds and the rainbow (as if it looked like they are inside the box) then selections invert>delete. select none.
i then added my leprechaun and added the beer to look like he was holding it kinda lol. gave both of those a drop shadow, next i added the grass, drop shadow then i placed the pot of gold in front, then the banner, added the mushrooms then duplicated it and made it smaller set that next to the leprechaun, then added the horse shoe next to the pot and banner.
giving all these a drop shadow. adding the charm and the flower off to the side. next adding the sharmrock circle and the yellow ribbons behind the box. and there you have your tag. i then added the plugin radiance on the whole tag , this is optional.

now add then your copyrights since i didn't use any artist i just added copyrights to the scrap designer, add your name and save as a png and you’re done!

Thanks for trying my tutorial.
Now lets see those results,
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

This tutorial was written on March 13th, 2013 by Melissa.
In no way may this tutorial be copied to another
website without the creators permission. Any resemblance
to this tutorial is purely coincidental.

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