Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ptu - Beautiful Girl

This tutorial was written in PSP 9 and can be used with any other version. I assume that you have a working knowledge of PSP.


Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice/close up

Paid Scrap kit by Rieneke Designs
"Kate Lee" Purchase at Scrap N Company

Font of choice
Carpenter Script

By Mizteeque

Gradient of choice
Mine is from Tonya
TBT_Electric Here

Plugins Optional:
Redpaw media - beautifier
funhouse - ZigZaggerate
MuRa's Meister - Copies

Tutorial shortcut index:
"Delete" on your keyboard under Insert.
"C/P" copy and paste as new layer.
Remove "O/L" Remove original layer.
"D/S" Drop shadow located in 3D effects.
"R/S" Resize layer located in Image.
New "R/L" Raster layer, in Layers.
"outer glow" Gradient glow from eye candy
Or my method on my blog under "How to dos"

Good D/S settings:
0, 0, 57, 6, color black

Good add noise settings:
Uniform- 70-90 % noise monochrome
Random- 10-34% noise monochrome

I used the artwork of Alehandra Vanhek
You can find her artwork HERE
Tube i used can be found HERE

Image- canvas size 620x620
Open element9 R/S to 50% C/P onto canvas
Drag to far left hand corner - duplicate mirror
Duplicate this layer and flip. duplicate once more
and mirror again. You should have 4 rectangles in a square
Merge all these together - Click inside add new raster layer
I flood filled gradient colors of choice - select none
drag below layers - or use papers

Open tube of choice, R/S to 35%, C/P onto canvas
Drag in as far in the middle as you can. apply D/S

Open element22 R/S to 40%, C/P onto canvas
Drag to far left hand corner of the frame. D/S
Duplicate and mirror - flip until all four corners covered

Open element11 R/S to 30%, C/P onto canvas
Drag to bottom canvas, duplicate and fill the bottom
These layers need to be above your tube, fill until you get across
Once you do this erase any extra tube that's showing below

Open element7 R/S to 12%, C/P onto canvas
Drag to the green leaf corners place in the center
duplicate - mirror so the other side matches
Do this step again with the same flower but R/S to 20%
Now drag this layer below your green leaf corners

Open element27, R/S to 25%, C/P onto canvas
drag to the left, above your other flowers
Duplicate - mirror. for a matching side - D/S

Open element28, R/S to 12%, C/P onto canvas
I placed this flower on top of the leaves. on both sides
I also put them on the top of my frame, on both sides

Go back to your gradient and put tube of choice inside
Changing blend mode to overlay - tubes turned greyscale
Duplicate the gradient layer i did one box at a time heres how
Selece gradient - take your selection box set to rectangle add(shift)
Draw a rectangle over the frame. apply zigzaggerate X: 63, Y:8

Doing this on your seperate sides have a nice pattern if you apply
to the whole layer you get these white parts on it. I didnt want this
Use the settings i provided or mess around and get your own

Select your selection tool. rectangle add(shift) checked
Drag out a rectangle at the edge of your left side frame 
down to the other side. Try to get as close to the edge as you can
Once you do that, add a new raster layer flood fill black
Selections - select none. Drag below to the bottom of all your layers

Open text tool, type out a saying of choice - Mura Meister - copies
Settings: Tiling, the rest defult settings, but change "tile gap" to 1
Go back to your black layer, selections all float defloat
Go find your text layer, selections - invert - delete. select none
Drag your tag layer below everythign but the black

Now it's element time

Elements i used and the resized %
Using this drop shadow: 0, 0, 37, 7, color black
ELEMENT 15 - 50%
ELEMENT 45 - 25%
ELEMENT 31 - 40%
ELEMENT 17 - 20%
ELEMENT 40 - 25%
ELEMENT 30 - 12%

place elements where you want, or use my tag as a guide.
Apply your mask, copyrights,  add your name save as a PNG
I applied beautifier to the whole tag, settings of choice

You're done!

Thanks for trying my tutorial.

This tutorial was written on May 22nd, 2016 by Melissa.
In no way may this tutorial be copied to another
website without the creators permission. Any resemblance
to this tutorial is purely coincidental.

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