Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ptu - DarKnight

This tutorial was written in PSP 9 and can be used with any other version. I assume that you have a working knowledge of PSP.


Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice/close up

Paid Scrap kit by Toxic Desirez
"Battastic" Purchase at S&Co

Font of choice
CK Brandy B

Mask of choice

Plugins Optional:
Redpaw media - beautifier
Xero - radiance

Tutorial shortcut index:
"Delete" on your keyboard under Insert.
"C/P" copy and paste as new layer.
Remove "O/L" Remove original layer.
"D/S" Drop shadow located in 3D effects.
"R/S" Resize layer located in Image.
New "R/L" Raster layer, in Layers.
"outer glow" Gradient glow from eye candy
Or my method on my blog under "How to dos"

Good D/S settings:
0, 0, 57, 6, color black

Good add noise settings:
Uniform- 70-90 % noise monochrome
Random- 10-34% noise monochrome

I used the artwork of Ismael Rac
Tube of choice i used "2013Tough Attitude"
He's now at S&Co so search for the tube there
Or choose something else. Website & Tubes

Open a 650x50 canvas comic frame R/S to 85% 
Open tube of choice R/S % of choice, C/P onto canvas
Drag where you want you might need to change it later

Duplicate tube mirror turn to greyscale
Place two so you see the face but tubes back to back
I also colorized my tube to kit the scrapkit, do this if you like

Duplicate your frame and now drag above your tube layers
Now i went and erased parts of the frame/tube so it looked
like her and her "shadow twin" was coming out of parts of the comic
You might need to move your tube to fit perfectly like i did

Select the frame thats in 1 piece (original) 
Using magic wand click inside the two middle frames
Selections - modify - expand by 6
Open city R/S to 45% C/P onto canvas
drag below frame, but in the middle of marching ants
C/P as many times as you need to fill them i did 2
Selections - invert - delete (on each layer)
selections none, apply D/S

Using magic wand click inside top right frame
selections - modify - expand by 6
Open Background R/S to 35% C/P onto canvas
Using mover tool drag inside your marching ants
selections - invert - delete select none
drag below frame and any tube sticking out

Click inside the bottom two frames
selections - modify - expand by 6
Open paper3 R/S to 65% C/P onto canvas
using mover tool drag inside marching ants
selections - invert delete. select none drag below frame

Now back to frame, click inside the two middle frames
selections - modify - expand by 6
Open paper5 R/S to 80% C/P onto canvas
drag paper inside marching ants, selections - invert 
delete. select none, drag below frame layer
Since we put the city in this section make sure you
drag your paper below that element too

One more time, select frame. click inside top left frame
selections - modify - expand by 6
Open paper 6 R/S to 80% C/P onto canvas
drag inside ants, selections - invert - delete select none
drag paper layer below your frame layer

Now it's element time

Elements i used and the resized %
Using this drop shadow: 0, 0, 50, 7, color black
Car - 60%
Bats - 50%
Light - 35%
Lightbeam - 40%
Sound FX1 - 30%
Silhouette - 40%
Cuppy - 20%
Bomb - 20%
Bat - 20%
Mask - 25%
Glasses - 15%
Mouth - 15%
Smoke - 25%
Thought Bubble - 20%
Joker - 25%
Knuckles - 15%
Gun - 12%
Bullethole - 20%

place elements where you want, or use my tag as a guide.
Apply your mask, copyrights,  add your name save as a PNG
I applied beautifier to the whole tag, setting of choice
I used paper 11 for my mask layer 

You're done!

Thanks for trying my tutorial.

This tutorial was written on June 21st, 2017 by Melissa.
In no way may this tutorial be copied to another
website without the creators permission. Any resemblance
to this tutorial is purely coincidental.

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