Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rock N' Roll Love

This tutorial was written for those
that have a working knowledge of PSP.

Supplies Needed:
PSP 9 (any version will work)
Tube of choice
I used artwork by Rachel Huntington
If you would like to use his artwork please visit CILM
no scrap kits for this one, unless you want too
Template53 by Rachel HERE
Font of choice - Angelica
If this is your mask let me know so i can credit or
if you want me to take down HERE

Lets begin

Open up the template.

now open a upclose tube of choice, or a normal one

This tut is going to very easy so not alot of steps

All your really going to be doing is colorizing pieces of the template
just use colors from your tube, supplying colors i used from mine

Click on the ricrac ribbon, select a color of choice i used #25bb29 now,
open the pallette again, now look for the H & S that is hue and saturation
you need them to colorize (how i do it) numbers are H - 85 , S - 171 now go to
adjust>hue and saturation>colorize now put in the numbers where they go,
sometimes the colors are darker then you want, just mess with the saturation
settings to anything i used whatever suited my taste

now with the other ribbon i kept it black, but i make it darker by going to adjust>
brightness and contrast> brightness/contrast using these settings, brightness - 11,
contrast - 33 this is optional

now just click on your other pieces, on the GreyRectangle i used this color #4fa251
colorize it the same way you did the ricrac ribbon, now the Scallop piece i used this
color #2c849b RibbonJoLuvsDogs i used the same color as the scallop i just
moved the saturation scale to where i thought it looked the best, i also used this
color for the heart, colorize all these

now give all of them a drop down shadow besides "white tag" now select the
white tag selections>float>defloat> add new raster layer, flood fill #10a410
select>none, click out of the white tag layer, click the green tag selections>float>
defloat> now mirrow tube then copy paste tube in the tag, place where you can
see the face, invert select>none, change blend mode to hard light, add a drop down
on tube, close out of all layers but your tube and green tag merge visible,
add a gradient glow then a drop down shadow

merge the wordart and heart together, close out all layers first, now add a gradient
glow to them if you want, settings glow width 3, soft corners 35, overall opacity 100,
color white give a drop down shadow, settings V&H - 1, opacity - 51, blur - 7 , black
add your text saying "Rock n' Roll"

add a new raster layer, flood fill color #25bb29, add mask, resize the mask to fit your tag
resize the whole tag add your copyright & your name, save as a png and your done!

Thanks for trying my tutoiral, I hope you have enjoyed it.

I would love to see what you make,
feel free to email at

This Tutorial was written 1/27/09.
And the concept of the tutorial is copyrighted.
Do not copy it in any way, pass out or re-write without permission.
The image you create using this tutorial is for you to do what you wish
except for monetary gains or for merchandising.
Any Resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

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  1. Very cool tutorial!
    You have an award in my blog :)
    huggies, Nora