Friday, April 5, 2013

Motorhead Hottie ~ PTU

This tutorial was written in PSP 9 and can be used with any other
version. I assume that you have a working knowledge of PSP.

Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice/close up
PTU Scrap kit by Alika's Scraps
"Dazzling Denim" Click Here
Fonts of your choice

Plugins Optional:
Xero - radiance
photoeffex - scanline
MuRa's Meister - copies

I am using the art of Keith Garvey
You can find his art here, Click Me

*easy tutorial*

Let's open up one of the paper flower elements i resized down to 80%
then set cnvas size at 600x600. if you're using a different scrapkit
just use a different element of choice, like a flower or heart. I then
set mura meister's copies on it settings i used was Encicle. i think the
shift x was 59 so was shift y. i dont remember what number it was set of
you can pick a setting of choice with that. then it should make a
circle. Looks like it could be a frame. I used enough numbers where the
flowr pieces were connected. so when i used my magic wand i clicked on
the inside selections> modify> expand by 10. (of use a number of your

I then added a new raster layer. flood fill black. select none. drag
black below frame. selecting the black layer selections all> float>
defloat copy and paste close up of choice, invert>delete. select none.
drag below frame. not going to adjust> hue and saturation> colorize both
dials set at zero. then i added scan lines. merged the tube, black layer
and frame. but give the flower frame a drop shadow first. I then used
another element copied and pasted it onto my canvas and i used mura's
meister again using these settings. Encicle. numbers:25, shift x: 74,
shift y:74 (of settings of choice) i then dragged this star frame layer.
Since i used a star, below my paper flower frame. if you need to adjust
your settings so you can see the second element poking out alittle bit
from behind. i added sharpen then added drop shadow.

Now add your main tube. add drop shadow and radiance. and place were you
want, i did slightly off to the side. Now i added some more elements. I
used a ribbon, omg wordart, heart with wings, hear lips, martini glass,
lip stick, and glitter scatter. Resize these down and place them where
you want. or use my tag as a guide. adding drop shadows if needed. then
once i got everything where i wanted, i merged then i added radiance to
the whole tag.
Now add your copyrights, add your name and save as a png and you’re

Thanks for trying my tutorial.
Now lets see those results,
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

This tutorial was written on April 5th, 2013 by Melissa.
In no way may this tutorial be copied to another
website without the creators permission. Any resemblance
to this tutorial is purely coincidental.

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