Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Adoraskull Babe ~ PTU

This tutorial was written in PSP 9 and can be used with any other
version. I assume that you have a working knowledge of PSP.

Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice/close up
PTU Scrap kit by Designs By Sarah
"Adoraskull" Click Here
Fonts of your choice
Plugins Optional:
Xero - radiance - color dot

I am using the art of Elias Chatzoudis
You can find his art here, Click Me

*easy tutorial*

Let's open up your film strip frame resize to 80%, canvas size set at
600x600, drag your frame down low i decided to flip the frame so the
black ribbon is on the top, now using your magic wand click on the
inside of your frame squares, selections> modify> expand by about 3? or
which ever number fits you. add a new raster layer and flood fill color
black. selections none. drag below your frame layer. While your black
layer is highlighted selections all> float> defloat copy and paste your
tubes inside the squares where you'd like them, then invert>delete on
each tube layer you pasted. go to adjust> hue and saturation> colorize
both dials set at zero. i then added my color dot plugin settings of
Using your magic wand click on the pink parts of the frame, add noise.
then a drop shadow. now merge all layers together. Now open the big
polkadot skull frame layer. i resized down to 80% i think. now copy and
paste on your canvas, arrange where you want it. clicking the inside of
the frame using your wand. selections> modify> expand by a number of
your choosing i don't remember which one i used. Now copy and paste
paper of choice. invert>delete. drag paper layer below your frame. with
your paper layer selected selections all> float> defloat now copy and
paste close up tube of choice. invert>delete.

Now change your blend mode i think i used screen, i also added radiance
to my tube added a drop shadow to my skull frame now merged these
together. I put the skull frame kinda hanging down in front of the film
strip. Now add your main tube off to the side, add radiance and drop
shadow. Now it's time to add the elements i used. the pink skull with
white ribbon on it's head. both of the adoraskull wordarts, the pink
paper flower, the string with the key on it, the black glittery smear,
the colorful pink beads, ribbon 5, pink flower gem, and paper 9.

Now resize your elements down placing them where you want, or using my
tag as a guide, added drop shadow as you go. when i added the two
wordarts i put both them on top of each other, and used my drag tool and
move the top one with the skull and so it shows the pink from behind. i then use my text tool and typed out "babe" down on the side below. this is optional though.

Now add your copyrights, add your name and save as a png and you’re

Thanks for trying my tutorial.
Now lets see those results,
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

This tutorial was written on April 3rd, 2013 by Melissa.
In no way may this tutorial be copied to another
website without the creators permission. Any resemblance
to this tutorial is purely coincidental.

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