Monday, June 23, 2014

Happiness - FTU

 This tutorial was written in PSP 9 and can be used with any other version. I assume that you have a working knowledge of PSP.


Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice/close up

FTU Scrap kit by Melissa's Creationz
"Beach Party" At Her blog HERE

Template 606 by Millie

Font of choice

Happiness is a journey
Wordart HERE

Plugins Optional:
Red paw media - RPM beautifier
Photoeffex - scanlines
Eyecandy 4000 - gradient glow

"Delete" on your keyboard under Insert.

I used the artwork of Martin Abel
You can find his art HERE

*Working with tons of layers*

Open template, Image- rotate- rotate clockwise 90
Now all of your circles should be on top, remove copyrights
Remove wordart we don't need it, unless you use a mermaid tube

Image- canvas size set to 600x600
Close out of all of your layers but the back one
Should be layer "1" selections- all- float- defloat
Copy and paste paper as new layer, I used paper
Selections- invert- delete. select none. delete original layer.
Now add your gradient glow to this. As you can see i used two colors
black and white, i added noise to the white an now add noise. hide

Unhide next two layers, "2" and "3" merge these
Selections- all- float- defloat- copy and paste paper as new layer
selections- invert- delete. select none. add a slight drop shadow
Delete the original template layer, now hide this layer.

Unhide next layer "4" Selections- all- float- defloat
copy and paste paper as new layer, Selections- invert
select none. delete original layer, add a slight dop shadow. now hide.

Unhide the next layer, which is "5" this should be the big green circle
Selections- all- float- defloat- copy and paste paper as new layer
Selections- invert- delete- select none. delete original layer. hide

Now let's unhide the 3 green circles. merge them together
Selections- all- float- defloat. Layers- add new raster layer
Using your flood fill tool (paint bucket) choose the colors you want
and click inside the marching ants circles and lay down your color
I choose pink on the outsides and black for the middle. on 1 layer
or add 3 different new raster layers. Selects- select none.
Delete original circle layers now open your tubes of choice

Using your magic wand click the pink circles. copy and paste your tubes
as a new layer, using your drag tool drag the tubes faces inside where you want
Selections- invert- delete. select none. Now do the same for the black circle
If you plan on using two different colors. For the pink circles i changed the tube
blend mode to screen. then Adjust- hue and saturation- colorize- both dials at 0

On your black circle, if you choose this color. adjust- hue and saturation- colorize
both dials at zero. I didn't change the blend mode. but i did lower the ocpacity
Now add Photoeffex- scanlines on your tubes layer
add a gadient glow. i choose the color white. then add noise/drop shadow.

Now merge all of the layers for your circles. unhiding the rest of your layers.

Now it's time to add your main tube. i placed her kinda in the middle
added a slight drop shadow. now it's time to add the elements. I used:
rainbow bikini, beach ball, starfish, tiki torch , pink, purple, orange lilies,
rainbow flip flops, palm tree, coconut drink, papers 2, 3, 6, 12,
Resize and add where you want or use my tag as a guide

I added RPM beautifier to the whole tag just a little bit i don't remember
the settings so mess around with the settings to fit your own needs. or leave it

Now add your copyrights, save as a PNG
add your name and now you're done!

Thanks for trying my tutorial.
Now lets see those results.

This tutorial was written on June 23rd, 2014 by Melissa.
In no way may this tutorial be copied to another
website without the creators permission. Any resemblance
to this tutorial is purely coincidental.

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  1. Awesome! Thank you for using my template Melissa :)