Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Brain Cancer Awareness - Grey Matters - FTU Kit

My bestfriend's mom and her family are going through a really rough time right now. Her mom was dignosed with Glioblastoma. She lives far away from me now. and the only other way i could think to support her (besides through words) was to make some type of support tag for her. But the problem is there aren't many other awareness scrapkits out there. one being Brain cancer. so i set out and put my butt into gear and tried to make a scrap kit, fitting this very awareness. I say i did a pretty good job. I'm no expert scrap designer as you can see. but i did my best!!  I have asked some other designers in groups that i'm in if they would like to make something as well... So this is kind of an on going open "Brain Train" if you will lol. I posted in most of my psp forums i'm in. But if you run across this, and you'd like to make something relating this awareness, Please let me know. i will link you at the bottom where others can download your part at your blog if you have one. Remember this is free to use, for everyone.

Now onto my part, I hope you enjoy this scrapkit. first of many hopefully.

Download my part HERE

Hopefully more contributions to follow:

Jo's Designz, Grab her part HERE

Maria's Place, Grab her part HERE

LadyQueen, Grab her part HERE

LindaNM, Grab her part HERE 

Alway's Creations, Grab her part HERE

FairyGem Creates (Sharon), Grab her part HERE 

Scarab Scraps, Grab her part HERE

Amazing wordart from LadynRed over at the CreativeMisfits forum
Thank you so much!! She doesn't have a blog, so I'm posting
her wordart here. Right click and save to your comp
Please don't hot link!


  1. Thank you I have a friend who had brain cancer these are awesome!

  2. thank u for creating father died of brain cancer and ive wanted to do a tag forever for awareness for him...but its been so hard finding anything..THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS and sharing it...much appreciated more than you know....~Angie

  3. Awww im so sorry to hear angie. i'm glad i was able to bring an awareness scrapkit for you and others to use. Like myself, i wanted to make a support tag but didn't find anything to use for this, so i made one. ((big hugs))