Monday, August 4, 2014

Tags with photos..

I usually always just post tutorials here.. i never really just post a blog just to chit chat so i'm going to try it out. lol Hello everyone reading this. actually i'm not just going to chat. just wanted to share some photo tags i made a few weeks about. I was challenged by my bestfriend on fb. You know those things going around "post 5 pictures that you feel beautiful" then you tag some friends.. Well she tagged me. and You ever notice when you make a facebook announcement how it shows photos. I liked the setup of a few of her photos. the way facebook had put them.. So i recreated a layout or shell i say a photo template so i can do my own photos. (i guess i was a little chit chatty) I'm so used to make stuff in paintshop.. that when i try and explain to people about digital scrapping "graphic design" they always assume photos.. frankly i kinda suck at working with photos.. I'm usually only good with editing them or using plugins on them... But i loved how these turned out lol but here are two tags i made. first photo is myself. and the second is of my bestie and her fiance.


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