Sunday, October 26, 2014

Let me know how you like.....

See this little section below?? "do you like this"
I've had it added awhile ago, but no one seems to be using it often.. it's much easier than leaving a comment, All you have to do is click which you like.
There is always tons of view's on each post 100 or views if not more.

I added a few more options to choose from. so Please take a second of your time and click which of the buttons you're feeling about on a blog post if you are viewing it. Helps me out, and let's me know if you like what you're seeing. whether you just browsed through my blog, or did a tutorial, downloaded a template/cluster frame. Which ever it will be, just please let me know, and leave some type of feedback. i would appreciate this.  Thank you, and i hope you enjoy

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